I am currently a post-doctoral associate at MIT, supervised by Tamara Broderick. I completed my Ph.D. in Statistics at Wharton where I supervised by Ed George and Veronika Rockova. My research interests include Bayesian hierarchical modeling, Bayesian regression trees, model selection, causal inference, and applications in public health and sports.

Recent Papers

Weiss, J., Rabinowitz, A.R., Deshpande, S.K., Hasegama, R.B., and Small, D.S. (2020). "Collision sports participation and cognitive aging among Swedish twins." [More info]

Hasegawa, R.B., Deshpande, S.K., Small, D.S., Rosenbaum, P.R. (2020). "Causal inference with two versions of treatment." Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics . [paper] [More info]

Deshpande, S.K., Bai, R., Balocchi, C., and Starling, J.E. (2019+). "VC-BART: Bayesian trees meet varying coefficients." (submitted) [More info]

Deshpande, S.K., Hasegawa, R.B., Weiss, J., and Small, D.S. (2020). "The association between football participation in adolescence and mental health in early adulthood" PLOS ONE . [More info]

Gaulton, T.G., Deshpande, S.K., Small, D.S., and Neuman, M.D. (2019). "Observational study of the association between participation in high school football and self-rated health, obesity, and pain in adulthood." American Journal of Epidemiology. [More info]

More about me

Before Wharton, I studied mathematics at MIT and spent a year at Jesus College, Cambridge as part of the (now sadly defunct) Cambridge-MIT Exchange. When I’m not thinking about statistics, I enjoy cooking, making cocktails, photography, and watching sports (esp. Dallas teams!).